Ajay Jain

Ajay Jain was 30 and in his prime—a successful entrepreneur, with his entire life ahead of him—when a major tragedy occurred. Ajay was rushed to Michael Garron Hospital’s emergency in critical condition. Dr. Carmine Simone, a skilled thoracic surgeon and Chief of the MGH Department of Surgery, was able to respond to the crisis and performed the life-saving surgery. 

“Michael Garron Hospital saved my life—literally. I was so very fortunate to be treated here. My family had heard about the hospital’s expertise in thoracic care and knew that MGH was the right place for me. Dr. Simone and his team didn’t waste any time, they rushed me into surgery after midnight and worked tirelessly through the night to save my life.” 

Ajay and his parents, Madhu and Arun Jain, will forever be grateful for the role Dr. Simone played on that momentous day. It was this care that inspired the Jain family to think about giving back and to step forward with an extraordinary gift of $1-million to support the hospital’s redevelopment project.

“Dr. Simone is truly a gentleman. He provided both me and my family with support and comfort when we needed it the most. Today, Dr. Simone has become a part of my extended family. I feel that every special moment in my life should be shared with him, after all it is because of him and MGH that I’m able to live my life today.”

“Our gift is a way for us to ensure that this remarkable Centre of Excellence for Thoracic Surgery is here for the next family who needs it,” Ajay’s parents said. “All stakeholders are responsible for the availability of excellent health care in their community. Everyone who is able needs to step up to the plate.” 

Every dollar helps ensure we continue to set a new standard in Thoracic Surgery. Please support this and other vital patient programs by making a donation today. Thank you!

Jain Seinfeld Simone

Ajay Jain seen here at the 2012 Laughter is the Best Medicine Gala with headliner, Jerry Seinfeld and Dr. Carmine Simone.

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