View of Michael Garron Hospital from Coxwell Avenue

About Michael Garron Hospital Foundation

Michael Garron Hospital Foundation raises funds and engages our community in support of our hospital. A donation to Michael Garron Hospital is an investment in the prosperity of each and every person living in East Toronto. When members of our community are healthy, they are able to reach their full potential and better contribute to their family, neighbourhood, and ultimately, Canadian society.

With a mission to “Create health. Build community,” our vision is to engage our community and inspire investment in support of Michael Garron Hospital to make a lasting impact on the health and well-being of everyone in East Toronto.

Our community is one of the most diverse in Canada – and its healthcare needs are great. 40% of residents are newcomers. More children, refugees, and seniors living alone call East Toronto home than anywhere else in the city. Poverty and isolation – two of the most critical social determinants of health – affect people in our neighbourhoods disproportionately.

Michael Garron Hospital provides care from birth to end-of-life, serving 400,000 people living in East Toronto. The staff team delivers first-rate care on a first-name basis at a level of excellence rivalling anywhere else in the city. Our hospital is also developing tomorrow’s healthcare leaders, with the largest community and family medicine teaching program affiliated with the University of Toronto.

We work closely with the hospital to fund agreed-upon priorities, based on its strategic plan.