Your Impact

Read about the impact your donation makes on the health of everyone in our community.

November is Make a Will Month. But if you’re like many people, preparing one is near the bottom of your to-do list.

The excitement is building as construction begins on the Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre.

Every day in Michael Garron Hospital’s Stavro Emergency Department, an average of 213 patients are seen—nearly 78,000 a year—and the number continues to grow. For many of these patients, every second counts.

Getting vaccinated against the flu each fall is the best way to help prevent influenza infection.

From October 6th - November 2nd, 2018, the Shoppers Drug Mart Growing Women's Health Campaign is directing 100% of all proceeds to Michael Garron Hospital's Breast Diagnostic Clinic.

Socccer tournament and community festival raises over $200,000 in support of Michael Garron Hospital's redeveloped mental health facilities

You might think you’ve never heard baroque Neapolitan music before. But it’s everywhere in popular culture. And it's coming to Michael Garron Hospital on October 16th when the Vesuvius Ensemble plays in the Mortimer Lobby.

Matina Michelis has a message for those struggling with mental health issues: you’re not alone.

For Kelly Henderson and Tim Theodosiou, constructing a soccer team seemed like an obvious choice

Throughout our history, Michael Garron Hospital has always evolved to meet our community’s needs.