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Impact Council Presents: East End Eats

The Broadview Hotel
Date Information
October 17, 2024

The Event

The Impact Council’s memorable signature event, East End Eats returns on Thursday, October 17 with an exciting new format. This year we’ll be bringing top spots and chefs of the east end all together, under one roof of the historic and hip Broadview Hotel. Join over 250 like-minded young professionals as they enjoy and explore the best of the east. It’ll be an unforgettable evening of food, drink and fun! To date, this event has raised an impressive $160,000 and we’re motivated to keep the momentum going to ensure maximum impact for Michael Garron Hospital. 

Your Impact

The Impact Council wants to make more good ideas a reality, by raising money at East End Eats to support MGH projects that might not be funded otherwise. More money = bigger impact. That’s why your support of East End Eats is vital. After East End Eats, healthcare teams will pitch their ideas for projects that need funding. The Impact Council will choose a project to fund, and once the projects are completed, all East End Eats participants will receive an impact report that celebrates the difference you've made at MGH.


About the impact council

Impact Council

The Impact Council is a collective of young professionals who want to make a positive impact in our community. Toronto’s east end holds a special place in our hearts and that’s why we’ve chosen to support Michael Garron Hospital – the Heart of the East. We know that a healthier community means a stronger, more resilient one that benefits everybody. Working with Michael Garron Hospital Foundation, our goal is to collaborate with local businesses and residents on initiatives that benefit everyone living in East Toronto.