Dueling Pianos Headshot - father son duo
Eddie and Quincy Bullen

Dueling Pianos

Date: Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Venue: Beach United Church (upstairs) - 140 Wineva Ave, Toronto, ON M4E 2T4

Time: Performance at 7:30 PM

Father and Son Dueling Pianos explores legacy, tutelage, and music inspirations. It challenges Canadians at large to rethink how we see the immigrant, Black people and the dynamics of Black families.  The production musically celebrates the relationship between an immigrant father and his young son.  Speaking to the timeline of sacrifice to triumph, and of one generation passing its best on to the next, the narrative and the specific musical pieces of Dueling Pianos are deliberately selected to demonstrate the pain and joy – the “Giant Steps” (John Coltrane) that are necessary in reaching for and attaining excellence.  As father and son “duel” they masterfully incorporate renditions of musical classics from Jazz, Classical, Calypso, Reggae, Pop and contemporary music into their story, showing how the father prepared his son to understand and embrace his historical roots, the roots of music and the world’s great musicians.