Our fundraising priorities

Our fundraising priorities

A donation to the heart of the east is an investment in the well-being of everyone in East Toronto, as well as people from surrounding areas who seek our skill and expertise. With your support, Michael Garron Hospital will be able to deliver great care, while rising to current challenges. 

Address specific needs in our community

Our community has a high incidence of heart disease. To address this, our specialists save lives, prevent heart attacks and enable people to be more active. This vital work takes place in our Cardiac Catheterization Lab, which has earned us the distinction of being among just five Toronto hospitals offering advanced cardiac care.

To address high and growing demand for our services, a second state-of-the-art procedure room in our cath lab would allow us to perform up to 1,500 additional procedures annually. What’s more, it would free precious operating room time to help alleviate Ontario’s surgery backlog so that people can receive the care they need sooner.

Your investment in this $6.3 million project would support construction of a new procedure room, the purchase of imaging equipment and improvements to our patient preparation and recovery area. Ultimately allowing us to bring more patients the care they need, closer to home.

Enable more patients to recover faster from surgery

Minimally invasive surgery is associated with less pain, fewer complications and shorter recovery times compared to traditional approaches. Our Division of Urology is a leader in robotic-assisted surgery using the da Vinci Surgical System, which enables our team to operate through keyhole incisions with increased precision.

Over the last ten years, we used our da Vinci robot to perform nearly 800 procedures, mostly for patients with prostate cancer. These volumes are projected to increase to 1,130 cases over the next decade.

Your investment will support the purchase of a replacement robot as our current model approaches the end of its working life. At a cost of $2.45 million, a new robot will enable us to sustain vital services for people in our community, as well as those who travel long distances in search of our expertise.

Bolster innovation for an even greater impact

Our team is constantly finding new ways to do more, and to do better, in service of our community. The solutions we co-design with our patients and clinicians are built specifically to offer equity and barrier-free access, so that everyone can receive the excellent healthcare they deserve.

Many of the innovations developed and launched at Michael Garron Hospital go on to be scaled and studied throughout the province, proving their potential for broad impact. Since we actioned them here first, we are uniquely positioned to track and assess the effectiveness of our advancements in real time, ahead of anyone else.

Your investment will enhance capacity for rigorous evaluation, informing turnkey solutions that other hospitals can use to better support people in their communities. Seed funding of $660,000 will pave the way for sustainable backing as we transform healthcare for every patient – everywhere – starting at the hospital you know and trust.

Support urgent priorities and areas of greatest need

Donors help us ensure everyone who relies on our hospital can receive the great care for which we are known. People like you support everything from the purchase of modern equipment and ongoing renovations to training and education to programs and services for our diverse community. Never has your support been more vital.

As urgent needs continue to arise, your support of emerging priorities allows the hospital flexibility to use your gift where and when it is needed most.