Maryn and Betsy

Because it takes a village

Meet a few of our neighbours. Maryn and Betsy live with their families near our hospital. Their young children directly benefitted from our COVID-19 support for elementary schools. Find out how they gave back.

Neighbours Maryn and Betsy watched the Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre being built from the ground up. They remember the dust and traffic during construction. But seeing the new facility, they know the inconvenience will be worth it.

“I’m so proud to have a state-of-the-art facility in our community,” says Maryn. She gave birth to her second daughter at Michael Garron Hospital and recalls that our doctors and nurses were her greatest supporters. “The new building is a place to go for care, so close to home. It’s an institution that will continue to be a strong partner to our school through whatever future health scares come our way.”

The Thomson Centre incorporates best practices in infection control. For instance, 80% of patient rooms will be single rooms, which helps reduce the spread of communicable diseases while offering added comfort.

“Having more private beds so that patients, in their most vulnerable state, can recover in privacy is a transformative change,” says Betsy. “I am also pleased to hear about the new mental health facility for adults, teens and children and hope it will be a therapeutic environment for people to receive care.”

As members of the parent and school council at a nearby elementary school, Betsy and Maryn helped organize a fundraiser, selling novelty socks in support of Michael Garron Hospital’s dramatic transformation.

“It was Dr. Janine McCready’s strength, outreach and action in supporting our school that inspired us,” explains Maryn. "She worked closely with the principal to ensure a safer learning environment during the pandemic."

Dr. McCready led our hospital’s comprehensive testing program to limit the spread of COVID-19 in schools.

“Friends who don’t live in the neighbourhood were surprised to hear we could access home PCR tests and use a swabbing method that is gentler for kids,” adds Betsy. “Given everything the hospital has done for our community and the school, this was a way to show our continued support and appreciation for hospital staff and services, especially at a time when not enough is being offered to the people keeping us alive and healthy.”

Funds raised by their sock sales are being used to renew our facilities and equipment, and to enable vital programming, helping our hospital provide exemplary care to everyone who enters our doors.

“I hope our contribution helps the hospital to bridge the gap for those most in need,” says Maryn. “That it becomes a place of refuge for members of our community, strong and weak, newly landed and long established, young and old.”

You can join Maryn and Betsy in supporting Michael Garron Hospital’s transformation. Give today at