Photo of Dr. Leung smiling outside

Because so many journeys begin here

Dr. Terence Leung has fond memories of our hospital. It was the place he called home when he trained as a medical resident. Today he runs a busy family practice in East Chinatown and continues to be impressed by Michael Garron Hospital.

Walking past the Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre, Dr. Leung points to a window of the adjacent building. “That’s my old place,” he smiles. “There were so many sleepless nights staying there while taking shifts at the hospital. I’d have to try and catch a few hours of sleep between calls.”

As a young resident at the hospital, Dr. Leung learned his clinical skills from our nurses and physicians.

“They trained me on everything from how to stitch wounds and put in an intravenous line to how to deliver babies,” he says. “In fact, I still remember the name of the first baby I helped deliver in 1987.”

In addition to assisting in obstetrics, Dr. Leung worked on the mental health unit. He remembers watching the news together with hospital staff and patients during 9/11. Everyone was crammed together in the dining room, which also served as a lounge.

Thanks to donors like Dr. Leung, patients in the mental health facilities at Thomson Centre will have more room for relaxing and socializing. They will also benefit from fresh air and sunshine on the Huband Moffat Family Terrace.

“My late father instilled in me that giving back is always important. We have to take care of the next person because one day we too might need help,” he explains. “I was honoured to support the hospital’s transformation and I know the new facility will provide more comprehensive care to patients in more comfortable surroundings.”

Looking out for the community

With a busy family practice in East Chinatown, Dr. Leung has a firsthand view of Michael Garron Hospital’s role as part of East Toronto Health Partners. “During the pandemic, the hospital was very supportive of the Chinese community, helping us provide a special vaccination clinic for seniors who face language barriers and mobility challenges. People received their COVID-19 vaccines from their own doctors. We even had a home-bound vaccination project to help people who could not leave their homes.”

“My hope is for patients to have easy access to excellent, timely and integrated care without any barriers,” says Dr. Leung. And our COVID-19 response provided exactly that. “I want to thank Michael Garron Hospital on behalf of the Chinese community. Without the support of the hospital, I don’t think we could have provided vaccines as quickly and efficiently.”

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