Architect's renderings of the new hospital campus

Building the Heart of the East - October update

The excitement is building as construction begins on the Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre.

Michael Garron Hospital is the Heart of the East. And that's why we've launched the $100-million Heart of the East campaign to transform our aging hospital campusa project we've designed specifically to meet the needs of our diverse community.

The cornerstone of our redevelopment project will be the Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre, which we broke ground on in April. Scheduled for completion in 2021, this 7-story building will replace over 50 per cent of our existing footprint, and will include 80 per cent single-patient rooms, easy-to-navigate outpatient clinic space, and new inpatient adult and child/adolescent mental health facilities.

Our new campus will transform healthcare for East Toronto. And the excitement is building as we start the big dig on the corner of Coxwell and Sammon.

Milestones to date include:

Vibration monitoring: Baseline vibration limits for some of the hospital’s most sensitive equipment (i.e. MRI & CT scanners) were established to ensure noise and vibrations do not exceed maximum limits.

Parking: The public parking lot was relocated west of Coxwell Avenue. Three lots within the community have been leased by the hospital to accommodate staff whose parking was displaced by the redevelopment.

New electrical switchgear: Work to install new electrical systems that will support the existing hospital as well as the future Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre has begun.

New emergency exits (H wing and F wing): Two new emergency exit corridors have been built, requiring hospital operations and patient pathways to be rerouted temporarily.

Department and office relocations: Several departments and offices have been relocated to make way for upcoming construction and to protect hospital operations from excessive noise and vibration.

Building demolition: Internal demolition within F-podium has begun. The building’s exterior was fully demolished in August.

Site service shutdowns: The hospital successfully executed 35 scheduled electrical, steam and water shutdowns while maintaining ongoing hospital operations.

New MRI suite installation: Construction activities for a new MRI suite within the Diagnostic Imaging Department have begun. The new MRI is scheduled to be delivered in November 2018.

Oxygen concentrator: Construction has begun for a new oxygen concentrator which will allow the hospital to generate its own oxygen on demand instead of requiring external oxygen tanks to be refilled.

Mock-up care stations: Two lifesize learning labs were designed to simulate the features of two different care stations. Staff participated in various simulation activities and provided feedback into MGH’s care station design.

Site office trailers: EllisDon installed site offices for the growing number of full-time employees and construction workers onsite.

Community events: The hospital’s redevelopment team hosted a community open house and attended nine neighbourhood events to share information about the redevelopment project.

Design development meetings: The hospital obtained feedback on various aspects of the project’s design during hundreds of meetings with hospital staff, physicians, volunteers, patients, neighbours and community partners.