Architect's rendering of the new Michael Garron Hospital campus
Architect's rendering of the new Michael Garron Hospital campus

Donors proving eager to double their impact through FDC Foundation match opportunity

Not long after we announced that FDC Foundation will match all new donations to Michael Garron Hospital Foundation, up to $5 million in total, our exceptional community of supporters began to respond.
Globe and Mail Ad 2021
The Globe and Mail generously donated space for a full-page advertisement so that we could celebrate the extraordinary donation.

All new gifts in support of Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) made before June 30, 2022 qualify, whether they support the ongoing transformation of our hospital campus, our wide-ranging programs, or our healthcare heroes on the frontlines.

From first-time donors to monthly donors to hospital staff, our community is rising to the challenge — and the opportunity — of the FDC Foundation match. This support is crucial as our Heart of the East Campaign strives to secure the final $20 million toward the hospital’s share of our historic redevelopment, which will see the eight-storey Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre open to patients in the fall of 2022.

We asked donors why they felt compelled to invest in Michael Garron Hospital, and the diverse East Toronto community we serve, through a matched gift:

“I support the hospital’s redevelopment because MGH is my community hospital, and I want all of us in East Toronto to have access to healthcare facilities that are state-of-the-art and offer a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere to promote healing. I know how difficult the last stretch of a fundraising campaign can be, and I saw the FDC Foundation match as a way of making my modest donation go further.”
– Stephanie, long-time MGH supporter

“The FDC matching gift signals there is wider awareness of MGH’s accomplishments and vision as a community hospital. It’s not every day that we have a generous sponsor that will commit to matching donations up to $5 million, so I felt we needed to take advantage of that. There are many worthwhile charities that need supporting, and the fact that FDC chose to partner with MGH means our work in the hospital and in the wider community is being recognized.

One of my philosophies in life is to take care of every community that is important to me if not every day, then at least regularly. This includes of course family, work, friends, home and community. Because I live in the neighbourhood, taking care of my workplace also aids in taking care of my community. My work as an anesthesiologist allows me to interact with almost every part of the hospital and despite the stressful nature of the job, I’m proud of the teamwork here. By donating regularly, I support MGH in ways beyond my day job.”
– Dr. Desmond Lam, Chief of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, MGH

“The timing of the FDC Foundation match opportunity couldn’t have been better! I was contemplating using some of my ‘travel’ savings to increase my charitable giving this year. I was also incredibly inspired by the leadership and initiatives at MGH working with community partners in addressing the pandemic and the massive vaccine roll-out. I wanted to do something to support that, in addition to my support of the hospital’s redevelopment. What a win-win — to utilize my pandemic travel savings to recognize MGH’s leadership during the pandemic and then to double the impact with the matching program.”
Susan Armstrong, MGH supporter and former MGH board chair

We are grateful to all who have responded to the FDC Foundation match. With additional donor investment in the coming months, we can secure the final $20 million required to support the hospital’s redevelopment and the health of people living in East Toronto.



Click here to learn more about our FDC Foundation match opportunity or to make a donation and double the impact of your gift.