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Going where the need is

For Phillip Anthony, our community's wellbeing is at the heart of his work.

Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) has been a national leader in the fight against COVID-19 — establishing protocols, influencing dialogue, and developing community outreach strategies. Now, as we embark on the COVID-19 vaccination rollout, our hospital has taken a leading role once again.

On February 4, the hospital completed the second dose of vaccinations for all eligible residents of the 22 long[1]term care (LTC) and priority homes it supports in East Toronto — one of the first hospitals in Toronto to reach this milestone, and ahead of provincial and city schedules. At the forefront of this remarkable initiative is Phillip Anthony, Michael Garron Hospital’s project manager for LTC homes and community outreach.

“We’ve been working 10 hour days, seven days a week,” says Phillip.

From the earliest planning processes to administering the last dose, Phillip, along with the hospital’s Dr. Jarred Rosenberg and Dr. Jeff Powis, have ensured LTC home staff and residents have everything they need.

“We see these homes under a large amount of stress right now. Being able to lend expertise, provide reassurance, and help keep our community safe is our absolute priority,” adds Phillip.

Team members like Phillip are grateful for the outpouring of support from the community.

“Kind words and success stories go a long way when you’re working hard,” states Phillip.

Thanks to generous donations, Michael Garron Hospital has been able to distribute masks to LTC residents and staff, provide meals to LTC workers, and further support its LTC partners. Strong partnerships enable MGH to meet the diverse needs of Toronto's east end with highly specialized, high-quality healthcare.

“Donations have helped us extend our LTC partnerships so we can continue our work in the community,” says Phillip. “Being able to help keep residents and staff in LTC and retirement homes safe is what gives me the passion to keep doing what I’m doing. It’s what I signed up for when I took this job.”