Margrie, an older white woman, on a ski hill with poles and googles.

Michael Garron Hospital: where care feels personal

When Margrie Wallace experienced sharp pains, she called her neighbour and asked for a drive straight to Michael Garron Hospital. Find out why.

Beach resident Margrie Wallace visited our hospital twice over the last year. Most recently, she rushed to our Stavro Emergency Department (ED) in severe pain.

“My neighbour drove me,” she says. “An ambulance could have taken me anywhere, but I wanted to go to Michael Garron Hospital as earlier this year I received top notch care. I think of Michael Garron like that good neighbour... the one you can really count on to help you.”

Margrie had previously visited our ED for a fractured elbow. Seeing the extent of her injury, a clinician readily delayed his lunch break to stabilize her arm in a cast. Days later, orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Jihad Abouali inserted two pins to help ensure Margrie would be able to resume her favourite sports, like golf, skiing and curling.

“The whole experience set me up to think, ‘If ever something happens again, this is where I want to be,’” she says. “People genuinely care. You can just feel it.”

Less like a patient, more of a person

This time around, Margrie had a kidney stone. She was transferred from the ED to stay in our Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre. The next morning, in the care of Chief of Urology Dr. Ryan Groll and his team, she underwent a stent placement to help unblock her kidney.

“My nurse came in to adjust my IV, just as I was waking up. She told me that Dr. Groll had already been by and that he was concerned about my stats. It wasn’t even 7am,” recalls Margrie. “Before I was discharged, Dr. Groll took the time to personally reassure me that I was good to go home. He was wearing his winter jacket, so I knew he was ready to head out too.”

“It’s that kind of extra effort that makes a difference. It made me feel like I wasn't just a patient, but a person,” she continues. “My dad was a doctor back when they used to make house calls. I really think he’s handpicked all the doctors and nurses I’ve seen. They’ve all been nothing short of exceptional at Michael Garron.”

New facilities bring a better outlook

Margrie stayed in our Thomson Centre for three days. “I was impressed with the facility. My room was double occupancy, but I had my own bathroom and shower,” she says. “It was easy to walk the bright and spacious halls to get my steps in and help speed up my recovery.”

Thinking further on her experience, Margrie has this to share: “When we feel at our worst and have so much trepidation about what’s happening, we just want someone to take care of us. When they do, something in us settles. And if we’re lucky enough to find ourselves cared for in a space like this, that’s made for us, it really helps us get back on our way.”

When she was discharged, Margrie made a donation towards our hospital’s areas of greatest need, helping to ensure high-quality healthcare continues to be available close to home for her and her neighbours. “It’s one simple way I can help pay it forward,” she adds with a smile.

To join Margrie in supporting our hospital, please donate today.