President and CEO of Michael Garron Hospital, Melanie Kohn
President and CEO of Michael Garron Hospital, Melanie Kohn

President and CEO Melanie Kohn’s first months on the job

From tackling emerging issues to helping our team reach for new opportunities, Melanie Kohn reflects on her first months as President and CEO of Michael Garron Hospital.

To cap off her first day as President and CEO of Michael Garron Hospital, Melanie Kohn joined us at the Golf Classic, where participants braved torrential rains in support of Michael Garron Hospital. Weeks later she attended the unveiling of our new donor wall as well as our Celebration of Food and Wine, where she met some of our most ardent supporters.

“This hospital was built by philanthropy and it’s been wonderful getting to know some of our donors,” says Melanie. “From our new Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre to modern equipment to innovative programs as well as training and education, our progress heavily relies on the support of our community.”

At the same time, Melanie’s been tackling emerging issues and helping our hospital reach for new opportunities.

“Our team is constantly leaning in to do more and to do better in service to our community,” says Melanie. “Today that means grappling with system-wide challenges in the wake of the pandemic.”

One leading concern is the immense surgery backlog facing our province. With effective triaging and strategic partnerships, we are steadily reducing wait times and helping to get people care sooner than otherwise possible.

Our hospital also works outside its walls. And, Melanie recently attended the opening of Thorncliffe Park Youth Wellness Hub. Offering low-barrier mental health and substance use support, employment services, housing support and much more, the Hub was specifically developed for Thorncliffe Park and Flemingdon Park residents between the ages of 12 to 25. Michael Garron Hospital is a proud partner on this new initiative.

“Together we are setting the bar provincially as a place that is deeply integrated into the fabric of our community,” Melanie says. “This is what sets our hospital apart. We truly are driving the positive change needed to strengthen our health system.”

So much of our success is powered by donors like you.

“What drives me every day is the ability to deliver the best care to everyone, no matter where they’re from or where they live,” says Melanie. “Donor support is the very reason why we can do this important work.”

Every gift matters. To read about the impact of donations, see Annual Report 2022 - 2023.