Staff donors see the impact of donations at work

They know that donations help provide programs, equipment and research
Sean Healey at Ride For Mind 2022
Sean Healey at Ride for Mind 2022

Michael Garron Hospital staff and physicians are passionate about what they do. And many of them are inspired to invest in the hospital’s mission.

They know that donations help provide programs, equipment and research – which aren’t always covered by government funding. And so in addition to changing and saving lives at work, they give personally to support the health of our East Toronto community.

Sean Healey, inpatient social worker on the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit, has worked here since 2002.  He also participated in 24-hour cycling challenges that raised funds for our hospital’s mental health programs and redevelopment.

“Unfortunately, we see more and more kids coming through our doors, younger than we’ve ever seen before. Working in child and youth mental health, everybody is very committed and passionate about what they do, but more resources are needed,” says Sean.

Michael Garron Hospital is a cause close to Sean’s heart. “Not only do I work there, I live a 10-minute walk from there. My daughter goes to school in the area. Doing something for mental health in East York for Michael Garron Hospital means a lot to me.”

Nurse Jennifer Sampson
Jennifer Sampson

For Jennifer Sampson, “giving is a tangible way for us to help improve the care that we provide.” She joined Michael Garron Hospital in 2007 as an emergency registered nurse. She is now the manager of our Stavro Emergency Department.

Jennifer grew up in East Toronto and now she is raising her family here. Giving to our hospital is her way of investing in her community. “It's important for me to do anything I can to ensure that the care people receive at Michael Garron Hospital is the same care that I would want for myself or my children,” she says.

Jennifer donates because she knows her support helps our hospital respond to emerging needs. One example of this is our Child & Youth Emergency Zone, which was co-designed with feedback from families about how to make emergency care better for young people.

“We come together every day to support and provide this high-quality care for the communities we serve,” says Jennifer. “It's a privilege for me to be able to express my gratitude to the Michael Garron Hospital team and give back.”

Dr. Sheila Laredo
Dr. Sheila Laredo

Dr. Sheila Laredo, who joined our hospital as Chief of Staff in January 2022, was attracted by our commitment to community advocacy. “I care very deeply about equity, social justice and evidence-based decisions,” she says. “When I saw Michael Garron Hospital respond proactively to the COVID-19 pandemic with early assessment centres, vaccine clinics, school and neighbourhood outreach, I knew I wanted to work here.”

Once Dr. Laredo was on staff, she discovered the get-it-done attitude is deeply engrained in our hospital’s culture.

“Everybody is really committed to their work here. Nobody is dialling it in,” Dr. Laredo says. She believes in supporting the work that matters to her, knowing her donations are making an impact.

“To be part of a community, you have to commit to it,” Dr. Laredo says. “It’s a way of saying, ‘this matters to me.’”

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