100 Guys Who Care

100 guys who care about their community

How one East Toronto group of neighbours made being Neighbourgood their mission.

Giving back to the community is something that the local East Toronto group, 100 Guys Who Care, have made their mandate and their passion. Earlier in 2020, they made a donation to Michael Garron Hospital’s Emergency Response Fund, and showed how they took being a good neighbour into their own hands.

The 100 Guys wanted to do something to support COVID relief, and knew MGH was the place to go. The Emergency Response Fund has been a critical resource to meet the needs of frontline workers. Community donations enable MGH to respond to a rapidly changing situation, and purchase meals and support a transportation stipend for staff. They’ve helped to ensure the frontline teams can focus on the job at hand, and continue to work at their highest capacity until the pandemic ends.

Quentin Broad, who is a board member and one of the 100 Guys, graciously matched their gifts.

“We’re just a bunch of local dads, husbands, boyfriends, and friends who wanted to do more for our community” says Matt Foster, a member of the group. “We started a not for profit, social charity group called East Toronto 100 Guys Who Care. As a group we meet quarterly, each brings $100, and the group decides on a local organization that we’d like to support. Once the group has decided we donate all of the money to the selected organization.”

This amazing group may have started small, but it has grown into a massive force for good in the community.

“From our first meeting of 10 on a cold January night, our membership has grown to well over 100 people. Since we started in 2019, we’ve donated over $30,000 to a number of worthy local charities including shelters, food banks, support groups, as well as Michael Garron Hospital.”

To Matt, this is all part of being a good neighbor, and helping the community around him. “Being a good neighbour means to be there for one another. We believe in the statement ‘it takes a village’. No one person can do it on their own and truly prosper. We all need help at one time or another. And there are so many great people and great organizations in the east end who are good neighbours. They work hard every day to make lives better. Our group, 100 Guys, gets together, tries to raise awareness, and helps out a little financially so all of these incredible organizations can continue to do great work they’re doing.”

For Matt and the group, the donation to MGH had a special place in their hearts. “I think we all have a personal connection with MGH. It truly is the Heart of the East End” Matt noted, “Some of our kids were born there. Some of our loved ones have passed away there. The hospital has been there for each of us one way or another.”

To Matt, supporting the community is all about building up those around him. “The value is the strength and prosperity it creates for every member of our community.”

When asked about how others can give back, Matt has a simple response. “We’ve learned it really doesn’t take much. We’re just regular guys who decided we wanted to help a little bit in a lot of places and we learned there were a bunch of other guys just like us. I think all it takes is a little bit of time, empathy, and commitment.”

If you are looking to get involved, Matt says that they are always looking for new members to give back! “East Toronto 100 Guys Who Care is always looking for new members! All are welcome. We’re an easy-going group of like-minded individuals who are looking to meet new people and do a little good while we’re at it.”

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