Building connections, building community

Connecting people with vital services is how Farjana likes to Neighbourgood.

For Farjana, Neighbourgood means developing a healthier, stronger community.

As a volunteer community ambassador with WoodGreen Community Services, Farjana is part of a team that connects local residents with services, programs and supports that improve the health of a community. Her efforts include helping people in the Taylor-Massey neighbourhood get vaccinated for COVID-19. She says protecting each other from the pandemic helps the community stay healthy and strong in other ways.

“We are trying to encourage people to take vaccines to keep the community people safe so that kids can continue their school, which is very important for their mental health,” says Farjana.

“A good neighbour can build a good community. A good neighbourhood can develop a healthy society for children. And a healthy relationship between neighbours creates a very strong and safe community to handle all the challenges and barriers.”

With every flyer she distributes and each question she answers, Farjana knows she’s helping the teams at Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) and East Toronto Health Partners, the Ontario Health Team that MGH and WoodGreen are part of, increase the vaccination rates in her community.

“Supporting our community is actually priceless,” says Farjana. “I feel honoured that I am doing something to build a healthy community. I educate people about community services and also provide them accurate information in a way that makes people feel comfortable and confident enough to join the services. It's priceless to see a satisfied face after my duties.”

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