Checking in on community

Making sure her neighbours are taken care of is how Razia shows her Neighbourgood.

For Razia, connection is a vital part of Neighbourgood. She knows this first-hand, because she’s been connecting people since the start of the pandemic with the information they need to stay safe.

As a community ambassador with TNO – The Neighbourhood Organization, Razia helps residents in Thorncliffe Park and Taylor-Massey understand the facts about COVID-19 and how to protect each other. By knocking on doors, making contact by phone or email and reaching out to people in parks and plazas, she’s provided a friendly ear to their questions and offered encouragement to help them access vaccine clinics.

The pandemic has made being a good neighbour even more important, says Razia.

“Being a good neighbour means being friendly but socializing at a distance, checking in with neighbours to see if they need anything when you go shopping, and sharing information and offering to lend a hand to help others.”

“It feels very rewarding when I am able to contribute to the community,” says Razia. “We can strengthen the community by getting to know each other and connecting to each other.”

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