Supporting seniors now and through our campus redevelopment

As Canada’s population continues to age, specialized care that supports older adults as they live independent, high-quality lives is growing increasingly vital.
Carol Tait hiking
Photographed before her hip replacement surgery at Michael Garron Hospital, Carol is thrilled with how quickly she recovered.

Tennis has long been an integral part of Carol’s life. Playing the sport is among her favourite ways to stay active and connect with friends. But, for more than two years, Carol lived with severe hip pain that kept her from truly enjoying the sport she loves.

“I had a lot of pain but I also tried to play through it because I wanted to stay involved in tennis and I wanted to stay active,” she says. “Unfortunately that just wasn’t possible after a certain point.”

Carol was pleased to learn that in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic she would be able to get hip replacement surgery at Michael Garron Hospital (MGH), the Heart of the East. From her pre-operation assessment to post-surgery monitoring, she says the care she’s received “has been exceptional. It has been so much more personal than I ever imagined it would be.”

Carol’s surgeon, Dr. Dmitry Tsvetkov, used a specialized anterior procedure to reduce post-operative pain, enabling Carol to regain mobility and return to her active lifestyle sooner. With the help of an MGH physiotherapist, Carol climbed stairs just a few hours after surgery, and she was able to return home the very same day.

Carol returned to the tennis court five-and-a-half months following her surgery. “At first I was a bit nervous, but now I don’t think about it at all. I often forget I’ve ever had hip issues,” she says. “I’m just thrilled. Everybody is amazed.”

Senior-focused services at Michael Garron Hospital

As Canada’s population continues to age, specialized care that supports older adults as they live independent, high-quality lives is growing increasingly vital. This is especially true for East Toronto, which has a higher prevalence of low-income seniors and seniors living alone than the Toronto average. These factors increase their risk of mental illness, broken bones due to falls, hospitalization and other health challenges.

Michael Garron Hospital is here for all seniors in East Toronto. As a general community hospital, we offer a wide range of services close to home, treating joint pain, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease and more. And throughout the pandemic we have addressed the unique needs of older adults, lending our expertise and administering vaccines to protect seniors living in long-term care homes and elsewhere in our community.

From tailored emergency services to a specialized unit in the hospital for seniors with complex conditions, MGH provides care that’s designed to improve the health of older adults. 

Redeveloping Michael Garron Hospital for the 21st century

In 2018, we began transforming Michael Garron Hospital’s nearly 100-year-old campus. Construction of our eight-storey Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre is proceeding steadily, with plans to open next winter.

This will be followed by the demolition of four outdated hospital wings, creation of a beautifully landscaped outdoor community hub and a welcoming main entrance, as well as renovations to key facilities. When the transformation is complete, our state-of-the-art facilities will enable us to meet the evolving needs of our diverse and aging community for decades to come.

Four levels of underground parking, improved pedestrian pathways and a long driveway will enhance access to MGH. Seniors coming for outpatient appointments or day procedures won’t have far to travel, as related spaces will be located close to our new main entrance. And for those who need to stay at the hospital, the Thomson Centre will offer many single rooms for greater comfort and privacy.

You can help build a bigger, better Heart of the East by donating today. Find more information on our redevelopment and services for seniors in Michael Garron Hospital: Supporting Seniors Now and Through Our Campus Redevelopment (PDF)