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Pat's story

The gift in Pat’s will is rooted in her love story which honours the life and legacy of her beloved husband, Jim.

Jim and I met when we were young teachers. He was the head of English at Cosburn Junior High School and I taught science there. Jim was handsome, athletic and swept me off my feet with his kindness. Together, we built a beautiful life in East Toronto.

We didn’t have children, so we travelled the world after we retired, opened an antique shop and embraced our wonderful adventure, together.

Life was everything we had hoped for, but then Jim got sick. While he’d always had diabetes, and he’d been admitted to the hospital twice, it eventually took a toll on his organs. The last time, he needed intensive care, so we turned to Michael Garron Hospital once again.

Our community hospital is a place of care and compassion

During his nearly six months in the Intensive Care Unit, the staff treated Jim with incredible care. The kind of care that makes you feel like more than just a patient. They made me feel welcome, listened to my concerns and allowed me to be an advocate for my beloved husband.

“The staff in the ICU treated Jim with incredible care. They made me feel welcome, listened to my concerns and allowed me to be an advocate for my husband.”

I can never thank the caring staff enough. If you’ve been to Michael Garron Hospital, I’m sure that you’ve experienced the same.

A gift that honours our love

My husband Jim was one in a million and the love of my life. He died at 74 years of age and I miss him with all my heart. He gave so much to others all his life – his students, colleagues, friends and family. I knew that I wanted to honour him in a way that he deserved.

Who is the person in your life that you would want to honour in a similar way?

I’m proud that my future gift is recognized today on a plaque in the hospital, with the wording ‘In Memory of James Stark’.

“I feel really good knowing that there’s a gift in my will to Michael Garron Hospital. It makes me feel that I’m doing something worthwhile by honouring Jim’s life.”

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you felt that you couldn’t fully repay the kindness that was shown to you? That’s how I felt. You’ve got to reward good work.

A gift in my will pays it forward

I decided to revise my will to include a donation to Michael Garron Hospital so others would one day benefit from the same level of care.

Exceptional healthcare was there for us when we needed it most, and I feel good knowing I can be there for others who will rely on our community hospital one day. It honours Jim’s life and the life we had together.

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