Brian Jones and his wife Betsy

Privacy helps improve the patient experience

Brian Jones visited our hospital for surgery, shortly after the Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre opened. He saw firsthand how the new facility lifted the spirits of staff and patients like him.

An East Toronto local, Brian had turned to our hospital a few months previously for emergency care for a kidney condition. At the time, he had to stay for four days in the A Wing, an older building slated for demolition in early 2024 as we continue to redevelop our campus.

“It was a crowded ward, but the staff were professional and accommodating,” says Brian. “I knew I was in good hands, albeit in a dated facility.”

Following his more recent procedure, Brian stayed in one of the Thomson Centre’s many single-occupancy rooms overnight. “In fact, I made a joke during registration about whether it still made sense to request a single room. So many of them are, making it likely that I’d get one either way,” he says.

“It’s nice that this degree of privacy is built into the new building,” he continues. “Now it’s not as much of a concern for patients.”

While 80% of the Thomson Centre’s rooms are single-occupancy, its double-occupancy rooms are also more spacious, with advanced ventilation and a separate bathroom for each patient. In addition to offering greater comfort, these features help prevent the spread of disease.

“There was plenty of space and the room was pleasant, more so than I expected. When you’re in an atmosphere like that, with lots of light and cheery views of the city, it is easier to be upbeat,” he says. “I could tell the nursing staff genuinely liked being at the Thomson Centre. They were keen and very efficient.”

Today Brian has regained his health and he maintains his connection with Michael Garron Hospital.

Given how much our team has helped his family over the years, Brian and his wife Betsy joined the Joseph H. Harris Legacy Circle, a group of people who have planned future gifts in support of our hospital. He and Betsy also contributed to From the Heart, helping to transform healthcare in East Toronto by funding our redevelopment.

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