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Chuck and Kathy MacLeod

Chuck MacLeod’s knee pain was so excruciating that he couldn’t walk more than 60 steps at a time. Following orthopaedic surgery, he’s on track to resume the activities he loves.

An older couple posed with his arm wrapped around her

When Syed Ali needed urgent surgery, his local hospital sent him here. The Michael Garron Hospital team provided expert care and compassion to Syed and his wife Annette, from the moment they arrived. Find out what they learned through their experience.

Nursing attendant José Blanco Mendez shares his talent in our hospital lobby

Nursing attendant José Blanco Mendez shares his talent in our hospital lobby

Julia Xu with her parents Zengqi Xu and Aibo Ding.

As primary caregiver for her parents, Julia Xu regularly attends their medical appointments. But when her dad experienced heart palpitations, Julia grew increasingly concerned. Find out why her family chose to travel far from home for care.

Dr. Lawrence Weisbrod and Dr. Mohammad Zia

Dr. Mohammad Zia used a minimally invasive catheterization procedure to open a blockage in Dr. Lawrence Weisbrod’s heart. To meet local demand for advanced heart care, we’re asking our community to support the expansion of our Cardiac Cath Lab.

Margrie, an older white woman, on a ski hill with poles and googles.

When Margrie Wallace experienced sharp pains, she called her neighbour and asked for a drive straight to Michael Garron Hospital. Find out why.

Santa and Shorna

Shorna Wallace RN shares how donors helped her recover from cancer

Sierra Keary, Registered Social Worker, and Riyan Visram, Peer Support Worker

The COVID-19 pandemic has left scars on many of us. And young people are no exception.