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Read about the impact your donation makes on the health of everyone in our community.
man holding LED heart

This local business entrepreneur is truly showing what the Heart of the East means.

three people standing in corridor facing the camera

“The COVID-19 pandemic has created a shadow pandemic of mental health difficulties that is felt so profoundly by our young people."

two woman standing outside

"Like each of my experiences with Michael Garron Hospital, this one with my mother was exceptional."

Nurse standing in front of monitor

MGH is on the fast track to being a leading institution in cardiac care thanks to donor support.

pebbles with word gratitude on them

Gratitude. It’s a simple, yet complex word.

Man playing a guitar

After the loss of his son George, Michael Repoulis continued to bring the gift of music to Alzheimer’s patients, showing what the heart of the east truly means.

person sitting at desk with head slumped down

Burnout is much more common than many of us may think – and these days it’s been compounded by the stress of COVID-19 and lockdowns

nurse standing next to incubator in special care nursery

Premature babies receiving enhanced care thanks to donor support

five people standing in front of the hospital holding a giant cheque

When Andrea McAnally recently received a call from the Sandra Schmirler Foundation letting her know that her club, the Royal Canadian Curling Club, had been selected to receive a $10,000 Sandra Schmirler Foundation Grant, she was thrilled.