Your Impact

Read about the impact your donation makes on the health of everyone in our community.
Herman Ferrao with two other people

Kind, gentle, generous with his time, a strong sense of community. The words to describe Herman Ferrao come easily as lifelong family friends Raj & Ursula Sekharan remember the kind of man he was.

Rob O'Connor and his fiancee Mary Martin

Had it not been for his fiancée’s insistence that he get a second opinion, Rob O’Connor believes his life might be quite different today.

Michael Allardyce

For Jan Allardyce and her son Michael, "remembering to breathe" isn't just good advice in stressful times; it's a reminder of a time when simply just breathing was a struggle.

art installation rendering

“When you donate to the hospital, you truly feel the impact it makes on the community.”

woman sitting at table behind sewing machine

How a search for a new volunteer opportunity led to making masks for Michael Garron Hospital

man standing on sidewalk in front of store

Four years ago, Ron Partch was hard at work when his life changed.

man standing holding bike

Meet Noah. He’s a member of Compass: an Assertive Community Treatment team (ACTT) that provides community mental health outreach in partnership with Michael Garron Hospital’s mental health services.

physician in room looking up at camera

When Casey McKinnon, vice president, product at Ecobee heard that hospitals were looking for baby monitors to help medical staff care for COVID-19 patients isolated in negative pressure rooms, he had a light-bulb moment.

woman and boy standing next to table of masks

As a volunteer in Michael Garron Hospital’s Stavro Emergency Department, Lina Maiorana had to leave her duties behind when COVID-19 began to spread earlier this year.

two men standing in back of truck with skids of boxes with food donations

While the way we shop may have changed, our local grocery stores remain a vital part of our community.