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Read about the impact your donation makes on the health of everyone in our community.
Woman at work desk holding her head

Ever look at the clock and realize hours have passed without getting out of your chair? You’ve been glued to your computer screen and now your upper body is strained? This little stretching sequence is the perfect antidote.

Moez and Marissa Kassam

$1M donation from the Moez & Marissa Kassam Foundation will benefit hospital transformation and grassroots initiatives

Architect's rendering of the new Michael Garron Hospital campus

Not long after we announced that FDC Foundation will match all new donations to Michael Garron Hospital Foundation, up to $5 million in total, our exceptional community of supporters began to respond.

Woman and child smiling

When you hustle hard, your body and mind will eventually need a break. If breaks don’t come regularly, you may mind find yourself on the road to burnout.

man holding behind head looking at water

Any practitioner who works in manual therapy can identify the telltale signs of stress on the human body.

man standing in hallway facing camera

For Phillip Anthony, our community's wellbeing is at the heart of his work.

gifts of stock

Another tax season is behind us. Are you looking for ways to save on taxes this year? Donating appreciated stocks and securities is one of the best ways to save more – and maximize your giving. Here’s how it works.

meditation pose

Try this simple exercise to reconnect with yourself

Ride For Mind

Get in on the action, March 12-13

hand massage

During the month of February, when is the world is talking about love, here are some ways you can self love through touch in a nurturing way.