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man standing outside in front of emergency department

Cameron McCormick never dreamed a family day out at a championship parade would end up with a lengthy hospital stay.

Gillian Irving and Linda Considine, Riverdale Basket Brigade

Gillian Irving and the Riverdale Basket Brigade usually reach out to the community for support before the holidays. But this year, things looked different.

icon of person with binoculars

For the past year we’ve lived with anxiety, disconnection, boredom, stress, depression and then some. This is hard on our mental health. But looking ahead can help balance that out.

security guard wearing a mask

This is Andrew. When you think of frontline healthcare heroes, you probably don't think of security guards. But our Protection Services team is also on the frontlines of patient care.

icon person crying

We expect to feel grief after losing someone we care about. But what about the feelings that come with other types of loss from COVID-19, like loss of social connection, routines, and normalcy? That’s grief too.

Judy Matos and Rachel Sellitto

In 1980, the need for a durable sailing hat became the birth of the iconic Tilley hat. Now, four decades later, the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) has meant the birth of Tilley's latest project: producing face masks and isolation gowns.

woman and man standing facing camera

For Walter Jones, volunteering was always part of his DNA.


Communication skills are fundamental to wellbeing. Poor communication leaves us feeling disconnected, guilty, dissatisfied and stuck. Effective communication promotes healthy relationships, thoughtful interactions and ease of mind.

healthcare worker wearing mask standing in hospital corridor

Our hospital staff has pulled together in remarkable ways during the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked Tracey Monahan, respiratory therapist, to share her experiences with being redeployed to the COVID-19 Assessment Centre.

Andrew and Joanne’s daughter models a visor and shield made at home

One East Toronto family basement has been transformed into a small-scale 3D printing production line for hospital workers at MGH.