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In this weekly series, Lois Didyk, MGH social worker shares her “mental health moments” to help keep us moving forward.

ED nurses with masks standing in hospital corridor

Nurses are on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19. We asked Phillip Anthony and James Callahan, nurses at the Stavro Emergency Department (ED) at Michael Garron Hospital to share their day-to-day perceptions and thoughts on the challenge ahead.

Donated PPE from China

The COVID-19 situation reinforces the collective need at all levels - local, community, regional, national, and international - to support each other. Promoting good healthcare around the world benefits everyone.

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The medical world is facing a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), including safety visors which can minimize contact with ill patients and lower the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

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We are so grateful for our donors who are supporting our hospital during this incredibly challenging time. We've also asked those who donate to include a message of encouragement to our health care teams. Here are just a few:

Patrick Houston and Krithika Balasubramaniam

Patrick Houston and Krithika Balasubramaniam, respiratory therapists at Michael Garron Hospital share their emotions, how they and their colleagues have prepared for COVID-19 and why they are confident in the strength of their team.

Lois Didyk

Lois Didyk, social worker at Michael Garron Hospital, shares her tips on how to deal with anxiety as you wait for your COVID-19 test results, and how you can incorporate these coping tools into today’s new normal.

MGH COVID-19 Assessment Clinic

During these uncertain times, keeping our East Toronto community safe and healthy is our top priority. And we’re committed to keeping you informed on every way we’re doing that.

Dr. Farah Marani

Community physician Dr. Farah Marani shares her experiences screening patients in Michael Garron Hospital's COVID-19 Assessment Clinic.