Your Impact

Read about the impact your donation makes on the health of everyone in our community.
Senior MRI Technologist Tom Hocking

Donor support is helping drive the purchase of advanced equipment to provide expert care to our patients

Dr. Tsvetkov with Hana table

With donor support, a transformation is taking place for East Toronto residents who need hip replacement surgery, giving them their lives back sooner.

TERC group photo

Ask any Rotarian why they're a member, and the answer is likely the same: to give back to the community.

Dr. Jeff Powis, Medical Director, Infection Prevention and Control

Get the facts from Dr. Jeff Powis, Infectious Diseases Specialist and Medical Director, Infection Prevention and Control at MGH

nurse standing in front of monitoring equipment

Lydia Murphy and her colleagues truly feel the love of the community when donors choose to give to the hospital.

two woman holding a large cheque

Leane Besky is honoured to be able to support the Building Bridges program at Michael Garron Hospital through Desjardins’ GoodSpark Community Grants Program.

mock inpatient room

Michael Garron Hospital has constructed full-scale mock-ups to allow for a first-hand look at inpatient rooms of the future.

office potluck table

Making healthy food choices during the holidays is challenging but not impossible. Consider these tips to help stay on track.


Now that winter—and cold and flu season—have arrived, you may find yourself at the doctor’s office looking for some relief. But if your illness is caused by a virus, taking antibiotics will do more harm than good.

man and woman couple standing next to each other

Rick Eglinton remembers the turn of fate that saved his life.