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100 Guys Who Care

How one East Toronto group of neighbours made being Neighbourgood their mission.


As a youth community ambassador, Azan knows that being Neighbourgood is a rewarding experience.


From Board member to baby cuddler, Betty knows how important it is to Neighbourgood.


Thanks to Lina for putting smiles on our (mask-covered) faces. That’s some serious Neighbourgood.


To Stephanie, being Neighbourgood means hitting the virtual road to support mental health.


A lemonade -pause, for a very good cause. Antonio knows what it means to Neighbourgood.


The Heart of the East beats brightly thanks to Jeff’s serious act of Neighbourgood.

Leonardo Lune and his wife, Lisa

Leonardo Luna's remarkable story of strength and resilience

Richard Shallhorn and Nancy Baker

Richard Shallhorn and Nancy Baker dedicate a room at MGH to honor their loved ones, and celebrate the community they love so dearly.

Woman at work desk holding her head

Ever look at the clock and realize hours have passed without getting out of your chair? You’ve been glued to your computer screen and now your upper body is strained? This little stretching sequence is the perfect antidote.